CONCRETE COATINGS, INC. - P2MMA Colored Quartz Commercial Pool Deck Overlay Coating System
P2MMACOLORED QUARTZ SYSTEM is designed to provide a skid-resistant surface while providing the benefits of a seamless floor. System specifically designed for large commercial pool and patio decks in an arid environment. This acrylic reactive resin-based system is a civil engineered designed overlay over existing MMA based coatings in exterior extremely utilized pool decks at commerical facilities where there is a very high useage and frequent vigorous cleaning.
P2MMACOLORED QUARTZ OVERLAY SYSTEM offers the following key features:
  •  Rapid cure allows operations to resume one hour or less after application of final layer, minimizing downtime.
  •  Low temperature cure capability, even in sub-freezing conditions. High temperaturea cure capability to 105°F.
  •  Superior resistance to UV exposure; excellent color retention.
  •  Application to properly prepared concrete or to existing mma based coating.
  •  Resistance to moisture and most alkalines and acids.
  •  High bond strength to substrate or existing mma based coating.
  •  Superior intercoat adhesion in comparison with other resin-based systems. In addition to conventional mechanical bonding, layers fuse together chemically, independent of the time interval between applications.
  •  Non-skid and smooth finishes and custom colors are available. 
  • High pressure and steam cleanable. No other mma based system meets this standard.
  •  100% solids VOC-compliant components.
 P2MMA COLORED QUARTZ OVERLAY SYSTEM consists of a primer coat, one or two coats of binder resin with an aggregate broadcast and two topcoats of sealer. The appropriate amount of hardener powder is incorporated with each coat.
 P2MMA PRIMER – A 100% solids, low viscosity penetrating, acrylic reactive resin to prime/seal the substrate. May not be required on certain MMA existing coating.
P2MMABODY COAT – A 100% solids clear flexible acrylic reactive resin.
BROADCAST AGGREGATE – S and T grades colored quartz.
P2MMA SEALER – A 100% solids, low viscosity acrylic reactive resin used for the sealing of P2MMAoverlay systems in exterior environments or where hot weather and water exposure will be routine.
 Over 8 standard colors are available and can be combined for an infinite number of combinations.
Matt or semi-gloss finish.
 P2MMA COLORED QUARTZ SYSTEM must only be used on clean, dry, sound substrates which in the case of slabs on grade, incorporate a vapor barrier. It will not cure in the presence of phenols or amines.
P2MMACOLORED QUARTZ SYSTEM in its liquid state has a distinct monomer odor which quickly disappears after hardening. Job sites may require ventilation and the removal of foodstuffs during application of the materials.
 Various surface textures can be achieved, providing different degrees of skid resistance in accordance with the requirements of the Architect/Engineer. Normal achievable SCOF; >.7 when tested wet.
 See Chemical Resistance Chart.
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